Lebanon Rally Information

Our Lebanon rally will be the first FMCA Area Rally since the Western Area in January 2020. We are excited to announce our 2021 Annual Rally to be held at the Farm Bureau Expo/J.E. Ward Agricultural Center in Lebanon, TN. The Rally officially opens the evening of Monday, April 19th and ends Friday morning, April 23rd.

We are including 4 Nights Camping, Hot Dog Bash, Dance Party, Ice Cream Social, Vendors, 2 days Coffee & Donuts, Seminars, FMCA Benefits Update, Chapter Fair, 2 Nights Entertainment, Catered Breakfast, $-Ladies Tea, Pet Parade, Chapter Evening, Card Bingo, INTO Membership Meeting, BBQ Contest, Picnic, Craft and Yard sale and anything else that is fun.

All Chapters are welcome to participate in our Chapter Fair. Go to our “Chapters Invited” tab for details in your participation.

We are only taking payment by check. If we take payment by Credit Card we would have to add our 3% cost to all of our prices. That would come out to about $10 extra on each reservation and we prefer to provide you the lowest price possible. If you do not have checks we can provide you our Chase bank account number and you can deposit directly into our account.

Click here to download the Registration Form.

If you have any questions, please contact the following officers:

Paul Mitchell – (209) 815-1837 – President, INTO

Bob Weithofer – (615) 218-7530 – Rally Master & Senior VP, INTO